my families modesty

In all of the pictures you may have taken notice that I have been wearing skirts.  That isn’t coincidence. The bible says woman should dress like woman and men should dress like men. My family thinks that a girl should wear dresses and skirts but, that doesn’t  mean i’m judging you if your family wears pants and jeans. Matter of fact, some of the younger girls wear leggings around the house. You also might have taken notice that the boys wear pants. They can wear shorts but they cant be too short.  That doesn’t make us mean. We just believe in modesty. If you want to ask me any questions, leave a comment and I’ll reply asap!  Please, don’t judge my family about the way we dress or act. you’re probably thinking “how do they act?”  thats in the post called “what were allowed to do.” You might be thinking that my mom and dad are strict but they’re not. We all wouldn’t change one thing about our family because we are happy 🙂 Sometimes, people tease the way I dress and it is hard to keep myself from saying a rude remark about them. But God says do not overcome evil with evil but overcome evil with good. That means don’t be mean if someone is mean to you.Even though it’s very hard, try to be nice to people who are mean, or even cruel to you ,like maybe a school bully or a grumpy neighbor!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


2 thoughts on “my families modesty

  1. Sadie says:

    I too believe that both genders should dress modest. I believe that it is pleasing to The Lord.
    Nowadays young boys and girls dress very in modest and unfortunately people judge you by the way you look.
    Keep writing and encouraging others just as The Lord has called you to do.

    • Its great to know that i’m not the only one that thinks kids should dress modestly! And don’t worry i’m writing another post about modesty soon please keep buzzing around 🙂

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