what we’re allowed to do

You might be wondering if my family allows us to listen to music, The way I’m gonna answer this is like this we aren’t  allowed to listen to  singers like Taylor swift or katy perry (I mean you have to admit a lot of Katy perry’s songs have  inappropriate  words) but that doesn’t  mean we don’t listen to singers! if you came to our house you might hear the song proud to be an  american ( by Lee greenwood ) or you would hear walking on the sunshine (Katrina and the waves) we don’t even like the way rock stars sound 🙂

Another thing we watch out for is movies and video games, we are allowed to play most video games like mine craft or mario kart but, games like call of duty or assassins  creed basically all war games with blood and aliens aren’t meant  for kids even though kids play them. For instance to prove my point call of duty curses and swears a lot and do you think it is right to curse ?

well about the tv we do not watch horror movies or movies that curse, swear, or take Gods name in vain. besides who would want to be stuck up inside when an adventure is right around the corner ? so get off the couch and do what kids do best play!IMG_3195IMG_0403 IMG_3129IMG_1167


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