I Love My Grandmas

You probably have a Grandma or maybe you had a grandma. Well, in this post I’m gonna talk about my 2 Grandmas. I really don’t know were to start, but I guess I will start like this. Sometimes, I remember when I was little, my mom and dad would go out because they had less kids 😉 but when they went out, there was always the babysitting issue. That issue was usually fixed because, super grandma came to the rescue! I remember I always got so existed when I heard daddy say,  “Sadie aka Grandma Sadie, will you please watch the kids?” I recall the pranks she would play and the stories she would tell. So today I want to show my gratitude to her. Thanks a lot grandma, I want you to know that without you in our family we’d be DEAD! You deserve  a lot more than this. btw the website olive plants and cornerstones had a marvelous post about crayons. I wonder who would think of buying such a marvelous gift.

My other grandma is called Grandma Ann. I really like her too!  she lives in the Bronx so we don’t get to see her as much as we do with my grandma Sadie. So when she comes over it’s a big thing. I really owe a lot to her, she gives me great advice and tells great stories. She may live far but in our hearts she is so close. She’s also a lot of fun, like for instance she’s never grumpy. She could always laugh and tell funny stories. our life would be very dull without her. thank you so much for everything you do you are such are great person if you were to die no one would be able to take your place you are really special to all of us we all love you grandma ann and I wish I could show it more. But I could show it like this, we love you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much!


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