How To Have Self Control With A Big Family

Hey, so today i’m writing a post about self control.

But, before I say anything i’m gonna tell you this, my family is not perfect no family is perfect because we are all sinners. So in this post don’t think that i’m trying to be a show off. Now that we got that cleared lets get going !

Being in a large family is not all fun and games. Matter of fact sometimes it seems very impossible to live in a big family.  Sometimes it can be easy to get stressed out but, you should try to set a example for the younger kids ( things can get so crazy you might be able to switch heads with a horse ! )   trust me, it can be hard to have self control. But, here are some ways  that may help you out! things get crazy around here so if you come be prepared!!!!!!!                                    1. if you get stressed out everyone will be stressed out

2. When you get upset at somebody they are just gonna tattletale on you!

3. God is always watching you

4. when you are stressed out at someone God is not happy

5. Being angry at someone is basically saying you hate them !


One thought on “How To Have Self Control With A Big Family

  1. Sadie says:

    First let me start off by saying you sound like a very wise young lady.
    Second I agree with you as a Christian and older sister you are responsible
    For setting an example. Older brothers and sisters are always held to a higher

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