Go America ! ! !**********************************************

Tomorrow is July 4, what do you have planned ? Wait ! Before I start blabbing about how much fun the 4th is, let me just say that the  it’s a great time to invite friends over or go to the pool but try to remind yourself that lots of people died to earn Americas freedom. ( I feel bad for all those men who fought bravely and still died )

If you have the time, try to listen to the song “proud to be a american”  ( by Lee Greenwood )



2 thoughts on “Go America ! ! !**********************************************

  1. Sadie says:

    Eden,you are so right. Thousands of brave Americans have died so we can still enjoy the freedoms that we have and enjoy in this great nation of ours. I believe that on the 4th we should all take some time from our day to remember the brave young men and women who died for us and their country and also the families that gave up their loved ones.

    • bigsisterbee13 says:

      Yeah, millions of americans died and about 100 per hour 😦
      If you think about it the 4th is a sad day.

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