5 Things That Might Help You Make Friends !

All right, I’m super shy ! ( I try not to show it ) If i’m out trying to make good friends I start inspecting them ( that means I’m super quiet for a while,) if I like their personality I try to push out the word Hi, which is pretty hard. But, i’m ahead of myself, here are 5 ways that might help you, when you make friends.

  1. Inspecting, Sometimes we see someone who looks nice, but really isn’t, before you make a buddy find out about them.
  2. Instead of saying hi, say ¬†something like ” hi there ! I’m Eden, whats your name ?
  3. Don’t tell your budding buddy everything about yourself ( sometimes, people pretend they like you but, there just trying to know your personal info )
  4. Say positive things
  5. last but not least remember that not everyone is gonna want to be your friend,

I hope this will help you, bye !


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