How To Spend Time With Your Siblings

I know that sometimes spending time with your siblings is pretty tricky… I mean, when you try to spend time with one the others feel left out.Well, trust me I know how it is ! But, I think I found a pretty good solution.

  1. Try to get group ages. By that I mean if you have a few younger siblings that are three to five  there more likely to have similar interests than lets say a ten year old! i’ve found that if I play with the youngest kids luke (4) and jude (1) things go along smoother because they are close in age.
  2. Think of your siblings interests! That’s a little tricky… I know its kinda hard but your siblings will have a ball if instead of wanting to play your games you ask ” so what do you wanna play? “
  3. Let the others understand. Sometimes, if you’re focusing on one sibling the others feel sad and left out. They can also hold a grudge against the other sibling due to envy. Try to explain and say ” I am very sorry if i’m hurting your feelings but right now i’m trying to spend some time with ___ But as soon as i’m done maybe just the two of us can do something.” it may be hard for them to understand but i’m pretty sure it will work out!

One thought on “How To Spend Time With Your Siblings

  1. Sadie vega says:

    Dear Busy Bee
    Your words are full of wisdom and love.
    I think you have solved the issue of hoe to play
    with different age ranges.
    It’s not always easy to accomplish this and not
    winding up on some bodies Hit List.
    So happy your writing again I really
    looked for to reading about you and your hive.

    Love and Blessings

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