FISH and duolingo!

Hello i haven’t written in a while but today i’m gonna talk about fish and duolingo  alrighty, lets start with fish. I just got a beta fish from my grandma. It was a quick adoption :). well i took it home and had it in a half a gallon tank… i thought that was fine until I did some research. I found out that half a gallon is fish abuse! ah! also, due to the small size i needed to do a partial water change  4 times a week. 😦 things started to get worse when i found out that betta fish need a heated tank with the water at 80 degrees. so I was flipping out. The reason why my grandma gave me the fish was because she could not take good care of it. it would not be a very happy fish. so i couldn’t just give it back! I started looking into fish tanks and all and I found out that if you have a bigger tank you don’t need to change the water as much! oooohhhh! also I found out that water changes are not that scary. well I decided I would start of small with a one gallon tank. my fish loved it! the only bad thing I found out about that tank was that if i put its led light over it (like a night light 🙂 ) that it would show a reflection and since betas are fighting fish they will flare at there reflection and get pretty stressed no more led for now… but anyway, things were looking up past then but then i saw my fish was losing its color! OH NO! i researched it and found out that that was because of bad water tempatures sure enough when I put my hand in the water it was freezing even to touch!  so I started looking at heaters. It was a bit hard finding one that was the right size for my tank. but I soon found just the right thing and installed it. Its been keeping the water temperature  at 78 degrees. thats great considering that it is winter now. So finally my fish is at rest in its new tank with the finest machinery ever built! 🙂 lol. Now that we got that covered lets talk about duolingo. duolingo is a website that allows you to learn a language completely free! you start off easy and suddenly BANG! you are on level 4 rocking the house down with new words! I just started 3 days ago and now I’m saying phrases, sentences and some other easy thing like “i gave you the red flowers the little girl has the pink ones” I love it! some people learn a language in about 4 months! awesome! right now there are a few languages available but their team is working on adding some more like turkish Russian polish and maybe even Japanese! please check out their website at you can help make the different courses to! check it out you will love it!


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