A Story In The Making!

Hello everyone as you know there are some awesome blogs out there! Well one of them is barefoot tootsies (just google search it and you will find it)  Well, the author of that blog is a great friend of mine actually and one day  she sent me a email saying that she had a story she was working on and she would like me to read it… I thought ok eden, be ready for a dull book with thousands of mistakes all over it. JUST KIDDING! I really thought it was going to be ok but little did I know how awesome it turned out to really be! I was shocked at the beauty of the story!  Love at first sight ya know? Well, you probably guessed I would give you all the story… NOPE!….  JUST KIDDING AGAIN! lol I have a small bit of the story to give y’all right now in this post! XD Yay! ok here it goes and by the way, if you liked the story be sure to check her blog out and follow her being that she will be writing more to the story shortly! ok here it goes!

It was the summer I turned 17 that everything changed, From my family to everyone I knew, I guess you’re thinking I should know that things change…I do, and did, but I wasn’t ready for what happened, and I don’t think I would have ever been. Part of me wishes life could have gone on just like it always had, and the majority of me is relieved it happened, it made me free.It all started with Jack, my brother. He started looking at me weird and I started feeling weird toward him, I knew he was my brother and it was creepy, but I even blushed when he stared at me.
I was walking in the woods on bright morning, just glad to be alive, when Jack jumped out at me, he gave me his weird look and started walking with me, my good feelings started to disappear.
“I need to tell you something.” he said, and when I didn’t answer “you’re not really my sister…” I stared at him, “really Jack, try being mature!” I felt mad, at him and at myself, him for teasing me and myself for having these feelings towards him, I loved him…but not like a brother, there was something else, something I couldn’t suppress, I know I tried.
Jack grabbed my arm,
“Jack…no…stop!” I tried pulling away.
“Adry…I’m not teasing…won’t you listen?”
I looked up into his eyes, the feeling surged through my heart, with all my being I wanted to believe him. I felt the tear to late to brush it away,
“Adry…you were two years old when you came to us, I was little myself…” I tried to pull away and run but he was strong, “Mother and Father agreed not to tell you where you came from…but I can’t hold it back any longer!
“Jack…no…” I pleaded with him, he threw his arms around me, my heart stopped and I broke down and cried.
“I’ll always be Jack, Adry…I can’t help it…”
I closed my eyes and let him hold me, I couldn’t see anything for my tears, “Jack?”
“I love you too..” I felt his heart beating against mine, I felt so safe.
Jack pulled back, and looked into my eyes again, “I remember…you came from the forbidden country…mother was terrified you would ruin our “good name” if word got out,” Jack sighed and then continued.
“you showed up on our doorstep on winter day…we thought you were going to die…yet there was something about you that was different…father didn’t want you in the house…but mother loved you…as her own…she took pity on you, because of the daughter she had lost two months earlier…” that is what I heard him say, between my sobs, I was heartbroken yet I was glad, and it was a very confusing felling.I pulled away, my face puffy and tear stained, I wiped it with my apron, “Jack?”
“yeah.” he was sitting on a log pulling grass up with his bare toes, I could hardly suppress a giggle as I watched him,
“is that all you remember?”
“…truthfully…no.” Jack’s face was serious now,
“what else…do I need to know,” I was scared of the truth and was worried there would be something about my past that would get me killed…if my mother was a native to the forbidden country…or worse…if both my parents were native…they would surely hang me when they found out…if they found out. I pushed these thoughts away and sat down at Jack’s feet, who is staring thoughtfully up at the sky, “well…you were about two, I remember you just cryin an cryin about your mother…you said she had told you she would come back for you later…but she never did, maybe she came back but saw you had forgotten her and decided against taking you back…” Jack hesitated…”you had been hurt…like beaten…you had a black eye and your lip was bleeding really bad…that was all we knew about you, then about two weeks later a man comes up to our door and pounds on it telling us we had better let him in…” Jack looked at me,
“don’t hold anything back,” I assure him,
“we don’t…but father found a note on the door the next day…it said that they had killed your mother for who she was and that you were next…it said they didn’t care how long it took, they would hunt you down and get you…that’s when the border security doubled and nobody, not even the traders were allowed in or out of the forbidden country…that’s all I know.” he finished and stretched out, and started pulling grass up with his toes again, I didn’t laugh, my mind was racing, “kill me?” “who was my mother?” “what did she do?” I twisted my fingers through the tail of my braid, I had to find out.
“I have to find out who my mother was…or is.” I try to look convincing but judging the look on Jacks face I guess I didn’t do to well,
“Adriana…that’s suicide!!” he jumps up “you can’t do that!”
“I can and I will…I no longer have any ties here.” I lie,I know I have feelings for Jack, but what good are those if I don’t know who I am…if my mother was some murderer or had some other bad name,

“don’t…please.” his face was white and I knew he was genuinely scared. I pulled my scarf up over my head, it was getting chilly.
“Jack…you can’t stop me…” I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, “it’s my destiny Jack, I feel it inside,” I suddenly feel like a weight has been lifted off me without me even knowing I had one, my breath came out with force, and when I exhaled I felt the air go down deep into corners crevasses I didn’t know existed. My energy pulses through me, my mind says “run!” and I obey, nothing in the whole world could describe the feeling of freedom I feel, Jack calls me and I feel another pull, it says to stop and go back, the two feelings fight and struggle inside me, I give up and let myself go, with my lying heart out of the way, I focus, I flee.
I can no longer hear Jack’s voice behind me, I’m remotely aware of his distant footfalls, I need to catch my breath. Logic kicks in and I begin to see the stupidity of just running off with nothing but the clothes I’m wearing. I stop, but only briefly, I catch my breath and continue running.

Hours later. My feet hurt, and my head is pounding like crazy. I sit down, trying to find comfort in a rotten log.
“who goes there?!” a startled voice calls out scaring me to death,
When I don’t answer I hear a slight movement in the bushes,
“this area is off limits.” the voice calls again, closer, “show yourself.” I can tell the person talking is probably more frightened than I.
“you will be arrested if you don’t.” the movement in the bushes continue, “whoever you are…you have reached the border of the forbidden country.”
I almost gasp out loud. Already? I thought it would take me at least two days, and here I am, at the border of the forbidden country.
WELL, THE STORY ENDS THERE FOR NOW! MAN! BUT I FIND THAT IF WE REQUEST IT MORE WE GET MORE FASTER! HAHAHA! NO ONE IS AS SMART AS THAT! Alright no more caps. So anyway, please stay tuned in if y’all liked that bit there bye!


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