What Would You Learn?

After many long years I am back! πŸ˜‰

hooooorrrrrrraaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy! Okay seriously, time to start blogging…

If you needed to learn an instrument, what instrument would you learn?

If you play any of these instruments tell me through comments! I would love to listen! πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “What Would You Learn?

  1. On rainie days you can finally clean and grease up your hair cutting machine.clean you closet.clean up your garage or even organize it.or catch up on all those bills or phone calls.theres a lot of things you can do other than complaint about the raine instead you should be happy it’s raining.you get a day off from busy.and a day to catch up on things.you don’t always have a rainie day on your day off. So take it for what it is a catch up day. :))

  2. If I had to learn an instrument.it would be something I can take with me,so that’s narrows it down to two,a flute or a guitar.now personally I can do a whole lot more with a guitar then a flute.however a flute can fit anywhere as a guitar can only be carried on your back.but there is another you seemed to overlook witch I think is one of America’s best.and you put it in your pocket it’s smaller then a pocket knife.its a harmonica.hip hip Harry hip hip Harry yahoo for my Subaru… :))

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