What Ive Been Doing…

Hi, hi everybody!

Please do not kill me! I know, its been a long, long time… and you have most likely planned a funeral… but I ask you to stop what you are doing because I am back!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Well, I decided I would tell you what I have been doing.

For starters, as you know my mom is pregnant with a healthy baby boy.

She is twenty-eight  (out of forty) weeks along.

I cannot wait to see the baby!

Well, I decided to take it upon myself to crochet and knit ( a new skill) a blanket, hat and even maybe a sweater!

I’ve also made a “bucket list”, which I am having fun completing. Wish 2 see my bucket list? I will put it here!

Here it is!

  • Save a baby from abortion.
  • Perform in front of lots of people!
  •  Hike mt katahdin
  • Catch a big fish.
  • Swim in a river/pond.
  • learn another language!
  • Make money off Etsy, then give it to people!
  • Visit Hawaii and go swimming…
  • Walk around “Times square”
  • Trek the inca trail!
  • Publish my book. ( a secret)
  • Throw a mega party of the likes I have never seen!
  • Canoe the nfct
  • ………. S- sk- SKYDIVING!

Crazy stuff right?

Ill make another post soon! Bye bye!


2 thoughts on “What Ive Been Doing…

  1. Hope all ir dreams come true!!! Love ur list, it is a bit crazy for me…but somewhere down the road when ur famous… I can say “u know Eden DeCosimo the famous skydiver? I am her friend!!” 😎😎lol!!! goodluck with them!!

    • bigsisterbee13 says:

      LOL yes it is a little crazy but i have crossed out two so far… soon to be three! I’m climbing the mountain in july!

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