A Day At The Fair…

If you read the title, you must be sooooooo jealous!

Haha. No, really, I went to the fair! Let me tell you about it.

So first of all, the last time I went to the fair I was six. YEARS HAVE PAST!!! So when my dad said he was taking us, you can imagine how happy I was.
So when we get there, the first thing I see is this HUGE ferris wheel, this ferris wheel is……………….. different. Instead of seats, theres little metal cages that you sit in, and basically your going upside down and twisting and stuff. It was so scary that there was really, NO line for it. (Thats madness!)

Anyways, I took one look at that thing and said aloud, “I could never. . .”

You can bet what I did! Five minutes later, I’m walking towards the ferris wheel…. (Never been so scared!!!) I kept telling myself, “This is for my Tris!!!” (A character in the book series Divergent who also did a scary ferris wheel.)

All that resolve just vanished the moment I sat down on that thing. This man comes up and locks the cage, smiles and says, “Good luck!!”

(Just to say, I’m in the thing with my older brother…. not the best idea.)

The thing makes a sudden jerk, and were off. Theres this-steering wheel in the cage that can make you go upside down………. I hated it. My brother was like, “We are so going upside down at the top!!!” and I was just screaming because the thing was spinning around as it was! No matter what I told him, he kept spinning it!!!! I hated him for that! Then, things got worse…. the wheel o death started to go faster, and it was spinning around like crazy!!!! (Mind you, its not like I’m strapped in or anything! Im not lying, they had a metal pole the put on us. Like thats gonna help)

I looked around and the whole fair was a blur. People, horses, rides, I was on top of it all. It wasn’t till then that I just let go, grabbed the wheel and started spinning it like a mad person. Too bad that I got over my fear just as the ride ended.

Yeah…. `when I got off, I was shaking! it was so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so awesome to be on ground again. I could almost hear the hallelujah chorus going on!!!!!

But that wasn’t it…. My dad gave us some tickets after the ferris wheel, (Guess I deemed myself worthy after riding the wheel of death!) So yeah, we went on one other ride, which was not scary at all-but fun! I actually was laughing!!! hahahahah.

And then after that, I see this weird ride… its almost like this room, they let people in to it and then it starts spinning. Me, my older bro and my younger one, decided to wing it and try that one. (we weren’t sure how much fun it would be.) So we go into this room, and its dark. I can’t really describe how I felt when I walked in. I felt nervous though. Theres these…. walls that people are leaning on, so we follow suit and mimic others. Much to our luck, this man who stands next to us is like, “This your first time?” We nod and he says. “Gosh, y’all are gonna have fun, I promise!!!” Right after he says that, the room starts moving, faster and faster. I look to my left and my right and people are….. FLOATING!!!!!!!!! there climbing on the walls they were just leaning against!!! I decide I should try too and I soon figure out that I’ve never felt that awesome before. Heres a picture of what some people were doing.


Awesome right???? Thats what I was doing as well! Basically, the room was spinning around so fast that you were able to walk on walls!!  I was having so much fun. My head once got stuck (I lay down on my back) and I had to get up…. it was awesomeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

I gotta go…. but please listen, forget about ferris wheels, and roller costers, DO THE GRAVITY THING!!!!!! BYE!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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