Why I Like….

Amusement parks! I honestly L-O-V-E fairs and stuff like that!

I mean… you just get that thrill when you swing down on a scary ride! Or start laughing when you go on a calm ride! I just love it! If there was an amusement park in my backyard, I would really never be seen again! I just love them!

So heres a few things I recommend doing next time you go to an amusement park!

  • SCARY RIDES FIRST!!! Don’t let your fear get away from you! You don’t know when your coming again, make sure you don’t let this opportunity go to waste!
  • Bring your own food! Goodness, amusement park food may be tasty, but boy is it pricy!
  • Change of clothes? Just in case you go on that water ride you always wanted to go on.
  • Sunglasses! Not only do you look cool, it keeps the sun from your eyes.
  • WATER! Your out in the sun all day, who wouldn’t get thirst?
  • And family! Because things are much more fun when you get to tease your older brother for screaming like a girl! 😉

Thats it! Hope you enjoy yourself next time you go! Bye!


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