During all this cold weather, allow me to reminisce my summer adventures!

  • I climbed Mt. Katahdin!
    The tallest mountain in Maine, to be specific! It was a crazy experience. . .at some points I felt like just giving up, but I never did! The peak was amazing! Mt-Katahdin-copy
  • I went to my first amusement park! It was amazing!! I laughed so hard on all the rides. We even went on a very rare gravity changing ride. . . thingy!!


  • I went to Adventure land!! Another amusement park that is. . . ONLY BIGGER!!! That was my first roller coaster ride! 🙂
  • I went to Adventure Park!!! Not to be confused with Adventure Land, this is a huge obstacle course about fifty feet off the ground (You obviously have harnesses). It takes the fear of heights to the extreme, being that the only way to finish the course. . . is to jump off!



Those are a few of my crazy adventures. . . what did you do??



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