• The obvious….cold!!

If you don’t mind the cold, good for you! But have you ever thought of us summer hearts who just love to feel the sun burn against you!!??

  • You can’t do as much!

Theres a few things… sledding, skiing, snowboarding… ill give winter those games. . . but look, for summer you can do slip n slides,  rollerblading and skate boarding! Like come on!!

  • ACHOO!! *sniff sniff*

The fact is you get sick more often in the cold seasons. Who really wants to be sick with some disgusting sore throat anyway?

  • Its guaranteed you will see and hear little kids being Elsa. . .

And that kinda sucks because Let It Go is annoying!!!

  • School

As if things weren’t gloomy enough.

  • Shoveling



But hey, it has it perks!

Admit it,  you do love that cup of warm tea you made just to watch the snow fall on the quiet evening you have all to yourself!


2 thoughts on “WHY WINTER CAN SUCK

  1. barefootgirl15 says:

    Hehaha!! “Let it go…let it goooooo….” And u nailed every single horrid thing about winter!!! Spring and fall have the best perks tho!!!

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