Why I Like….

Amusement parks! I honestly L-O-V-E fairs and stuff like that!

I mean… you just get that thrill when you swing down on a scary ride! Or start laughing when you go on a calm ride! I just love it! If there was an amusement park in my backyard, I would really never be seen again! I just love them!

So heres a few things I recommend doing next time you go to an amusement park!

  • SCARY RIDES FIRST!!! Don’t let your fear get away from you! You don’t know when your coming again, make sure you don’t let this opportunity go to waste!
  • Bring your own food! Goodness, amusement park food may be tasty, but boy is it pricy!
  • Change of clothes? Just in case you go on that water ride you always wanted to go on.
  • Sunglasses! Not only do you look cool, it keeps the sun from your eyes.
  • WATER! Your out in the sun all day, who wouldn’t get thirst?
  • And family! Because things are much more fun when you get to tease your older brother for screaming like a girl! 😉

Thats it! Hope you enjoy yourself next time you go! Bye!


A Day At The Fair…

If you read the title, you must be sooooooo jealous!

Haha. No, really, I went to the fair! Let me tell you about it.

So first of all, the last time I went to the fair I was six. YEARS HAVE PAST!!! So when my dad said he was taking us, you can imagine how happy I was.
So when we get there, the first thing I see is this HUGE ferris wheel, this ferris wheel is……………….. different. Instead of seats, theres little metal cages that you sit in, and basically your going upside down and twisting and stuff. It was so scary that there was really, NO line for it. (Thats madness!)

Anyways, I took one look at that thing and said aloud, “I could never. . .”

You can bet what I did! Five minutes later, I’m walking towards the ferris wheel…. (Never been so scared!!!) I kept telling myself, “This is for my Tris!!!” (A character in the book series Divergent who also did a scary ferris wheel.)

All that resolve just vanished the moment I sat down on that thing. This man comes up and locks the cage, smiles and says, “Good luck!!”

(Just to say, I’m in the thing with my older brother…. not the best idea.)

The thing makes a sudden jerk, and were off. Theres this-steering wheel in the cage that can make you go upside down………. I hated it. My brother was like, “We are so going upside down at the top!!!” and I was just screaming because the thing was spinning around as it was! No matter what I told him, he kept spinning it!!!! I hated him for that! Then, things got worse…. the wheel o death started to go faster, and it was spinning around like crazy!!!! (Mind you, its not like I’m strapped in or anything! Im not lying, they had a metal pole the put on us. Like thats gonna help)

I looked around and the whole fair was a blur. People, horses, rides, I was on top of it all. It wasn’t till then that I just let go, grabbed the wheel and started spinning it like a mad person. Too bad that I got over my fear just as the ride ended.

Yeah…. `when I got off, I was shaking! it was so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so awesome to be on ground again. I could almost hear the hallelujah chorus going on!!!!!

But that wasn’t it…. My dad gave us some tickets after the ferris wheel, (Guess I deemed myself worthy after riding the wheel of death!) So yeah, we went on one other ride, which was not scary at all-but fun! I actually was laughing!!! hahahahah.

And then after that, I see this weird ride… its almost like this room, they let people in to it and then it starts spinning. Me, my older bro and my younger one, decided to wing it and try that one. (we weren’t sure how much fun it would be.) So we go into this room, and its dark. I can’t really describe how I felt when I walked in. I felt nervous though. Theres these…. walls that people are leaning on, so we follow suit and mimic others. Much to our luck, this man who stands next to us is like, “This your first time?” We nod and he says. “Gosh, y’all are gonna have fun, I promise!!!” Right after he says that, the room starts moving, faster and faster. I look to my left and my right and people are….. FLOATING!!!!!!!!! there climbing on the walls they were just leaning against!!! I decide I should try too and I soon figure out that I’ve never felt that awesome before. Heres a picture of what some people were doing.


Awesome right???? Thats what I was doing as well! Basically, the room was spinning around so fast that you were able to walk on walls!!  I was having so much fun. My head once got stuck (I lay down on my back) and I had to get up…. it was awesomeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

I gotta go…. but please listen, forget about ferris wheels, and roller costers, DO THE GRAVITY THING!!!!!! BYE!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Lalalallalalalalala A New Blog, You Guys Write In It Too!

Yes, if you read the title you must be thinking “WHHHHAAAATTTTTTT……..” Hahahah let me explain. *Turns on awesome voice* I have made a blog in which you, (Yes, you.)  Can write stories, poems, songs, and other things! Yay! Alright, your probably super siked. (You better be!!!) So ill tell you how to get in.


STEP TWO (THATS AS FAR AS MY SPANISH GOES!! XD ): Email me at edenswildmind@gmail.com

FINAL STEP: Well, there is no final step. Just email me so I can give you permission to be a writer!! yay!!!

Oh yes, I would like to thank Abbey for being so helpful with the blog! Follow her blog!

Check it out y’all, I promise you’ll love this!

Abbey’s Story So far…

So hey guys, do you remember a few weeks ago I made a post with my friend Abbey’s story?

Well she emailed me that she changed the story a bit and now she kinda made a… lets say “Different version”

But Don’t worry, Its awesome! I just read it and I shouted out “CLIFFHANGER!!!”

Well, here we go… please read it!

(I do not own this story)

A child, wrapped in newspapers cried for it’s mother…nobody heard, nobody saw, people where used to this sort of thing now, a child freezing and starving beside a sick elderly woman. This woman loved the child but had nothing for it…it’s mother was lost forever somewhere, searching for something never to be found…freedom. It was said to exist far in the east…where man had given up living centuries ago, after the struggle and battle for oil had ruined the land.
Why did she leave her child? Who knows. Who cares.
Nobody sees the woman as she takes her last breath, nobody hears her last words, “…April…”

Clair never looked behind herself, it was something she never did, but now with there being uprisings and riots about the border, she looks behind herself constantly.
She hurries toward her apartment, a shabby five story building. She nearly trips on a woman lying in the ditch, she shudders, steps gingerly over the body and goes to her door.
Now, had this been two or three months ago she never would have seen the child, but out of habit she looks behind herself again, and a little pink face catches her eye…a helpless child, cold and motherless, she kneels reaches down and lifts the baby up.
Clair never married and she was childless, she looks at the helpless child with pity.
Clair never knew the trouble this little child could get her into…had she known there is no telling whether she would have taken the child in…But it happened, one sunny day a bang on the door made her spill the baby food all over the floor,
“Open up!” a gruff voice called out,
A little voice in her head told Clair to hide the baby…but she knew that it was hopeless because there were toys and baby-food all over the floor.
For fear that it was the police she slipped out the back door and hid.
Hours later she reenters her house and finds it turned upside-down…that seals it. With her daily rations she leaves her home…never to return.

She crosses the border and lays the baby down on the first doorstep she can find…and is never seen again
Chapter One, The Truth.

It was the summer I turned 17 that everything changed, from my family to everyone I knew, I guess you’re thinking I should know that things change…I do, and did, but I wasn’t ready for what happened, and I don’t think I would have ever been. Part of me wishes life could have gone on just like it always had, and the majority of me is relieved it happened, it made me free.
Morning came with the voice of mama and papa. I slowly crept down the stairs the the living-room door, they stopped talking for a minute,

“Tom? Did you hear something?”


“What do you think?”

“About what dear?”

“about Adriana?”

“I don’t know…it might be a shock to her…”

“Honey…there’s no doubt it will give her a shock.”

“I mean like depression…”

I was having a hard time deciding whether to go in and ask what it was about, but something told me it would be wiser to remain hidden.

Strangely enough I had been getting this feeling of hostility when they spoke to me lately, I couldn’t really explain it, but it was there, and I kept having this urge to flee when they hugged me.

“She might leave.”

“That’s the least of our troubles Alice.”

“Then what?”

“She knows to much about this side…if you get my meaning.”

“I haven’t thought of that.”

“and she’s starting to look an awful lot like them.”

“…yes..that worries me too.”

“She’s mixed…that much is clear…and that’s the worst part.”

“Yes…but I’ve gotten so close to her.”

“Alice, you don’t mean you haven’t noticed?”

“noticed what?”

“She has been acting strange toward us…like she knows…”

“oh don’t say that Tom…she’s a good girl…please let me tell her…”

“Ok…be prepared to lock her up though.”

“The ceiling’s creaking, I think the kids are up.”Alice says and their conversation stops abruptly.

I had started suspecting I didn’t belong here when my brother Jack started looking at me strange and I started feeling odd toward him, like we had grown apart. We had been really close as kids, but that had all changed a couple years ago, when I was thirteen…
…I was walking in the woods one bright morning, just glad to be alive, when Jack jumped out at me, he gave me his weird look and started walking with me, my good feelings started to disappear.

“I need to tell you something.” he had said, and when I didn’t answer “you’re not really my sister…” I stared at him, “really Jack, try being mature!” I felt mad, at him and at myself, him for teasing me and myself for having these feelings towards him…
Our brother sister relationship had gone downhill from there, he had proceeded to tell me the rest of the story, which I hadn’t believed, now I needed to talk to him.

“hey Jack?”I call, and he looks up “wanna walk with me for a bit?”

He looks up from his work,“since when do you talk to me?”

“Since this morning.” I say and begin to walk away,

Jack stops what he’s doing and comes after me, wiping his dusty hands on his pants.


“we need to talk…” I look at him briefly and charge ahead of him. It is evening, I remember this morning vividly.

“’bout what?”

“You will see soon enough,” I pause and look behind me. Sure that nobodies following I turn toward Jack,

“OK, Jack, what do you know about my past…”

He looks at me puzzled,

“Before I came here.”

Jack nods,

“Nothing…I only know a few predictions and suspicions about your past before you came here.”

“Tell me!” I plead,

“…you were two years old when you came to us, I was little myself…Mother and Father agreed not to tell you where you came from…”

Jack looks into my eyes “…they say you came from the forbidden country…” Jack sighs and then continues, “you showed up on our doorstep in the middle of January…we thought you were going to die…yet there was something about you that was different…father didn’t want you in the house…but mother pitied you and wanted to take care of you as her own…because of the daughter she had lost two months earlier…” Jack looks at me again, “that’s all I know.”


“yeah.” he is sitting on a log pulling grass up with his bare toes, I can hardly suppress a giggle as I watch him,

“Are you sure that’s all you remember?”

“…truthfully…no.” Jack’s face was serious now,

“what else…I need to know,” I was scared of the truth and was worried there would be something about my past that would get me killed…if my mother was a native to the forbidden country…if both my parents were native…they would surely hang me when they found out…if they found out. I pushed these thoughts away and sat down at Jack’s feet, who is staring thoughtfully up at the sky,

“well…you were about two, I remember you just cryin an cryin about your mother…you said she had told you she would come back for you later…but she never did, maybe she came back but saw you had forgotten her and decided against taking you back…” Jack hesitated…”you had been hurt…you had a black eye and your lip was bleeding really bad…that was all we knew about you, then about two weeks later a man comes up to our door and pounds on it telling us we had better let him in…” Jack looked at me,

“don’t hold anything back,” I assure him,

“…we didn’t let the man in…but father found a note on the door the next day…it said that they had killed your mother for who she was and that you were next…it said they didn’t care how long it took, they would hunt you down and get you…that’s when the border security doubled and nobody, not even the traders were allowed in or out of the forbidden country…that’s all I know.” he finished and stretched out, and started pulling grass up with his toes again, I didn’t laugh, my mind was racing, “kill me?” “who was my mother?” “what did she do?” I twisted my fingers through the tail of my braid, I had to find out.



“I have to find out who my mother was…or is.” I try to look convincing but judging the look on Jacks face I guess I didn’t do to well,

“Adriana…that’s suicide!!” he jumps up “you can’t do that!”

“I can and I will…I no longer have any ties here.” I snap. If my mother was some murderer or had some other bad name, I had to find out.

“Don’t…”He stops, ”please.” his face was white and I knew he was genuinely scared. I pulled my scarf up over my head, it was getting chilly.

“Jack…you can’t stop me…” I close my eyes and breath deeply, “it’s my destiny Jack, I feel it inside,” I suddenly feel like a weight has been lifted off me without me even knowing I had one, my breath comes out with force, and when I inhale I felt the air go down deep into corners crevasses I didn’t know existed. My energy pulses through me, my mind races, nothing in the whole world could describe the feeling of freedom I feel.

At home, the house is quiet…the children are having their midday nap.

I look down at the sacred water on the shelf by the door. For years I have been rebelling the strong universion rule of dipping your hand in the sacred water and washing your face with it every time you entered the door.

“don’t forget to cleanse yourself Adri!” my “mother” whispered loudly from the adjoining kitchen, separated only by a thick curtain.

“I know.” I tell her truthfully and walk up the stairs to my room.

After a while there is a gentle tap on the door, “Adri?

“Yes?” I roll my eyes and remove my headphones, the sign above the door says it’s Jack,

“may I come in?” He asks

“yes.”I quickly hurry around the room picking up clothing and shoving it under my desk.

Jack comes in and looks around, “I’m coming with you.” he says and sits down on my swivel chair that all the wheels had broken off of. He clears his throat and I can tell he wants me to say something,

“Um okay, but I don’t need you.” I reply coldly,

“I’m still coming.”

Surprised, I sit down on my bed, he looks around nervously.

“what’s wrong.” I ask, I know that look.

“um…mom…and dad, well, they are going to report you.”he looks at the door again, “like within the week…they may have already.”

My heart almost stops beating, “already?” I choke, feeling tears well up, filling my vision, I have been betrayed. My instincts scream “run” and I look at Jack, he stands and dashes to the window.

“Yes…we still have time.”

Outwardly I don’t care whether Jack comes or stays. But inwardly I’m glad somebody is coming with me. I fling some clothes into my bag, and stumble to the emergency provision box, after I enter the code it opens and I take out all the nonperishable food.

Jack joins me as I run past his room, and we crawl out through the garbage shoot. The exit is behind the house in the woods, perfect for our secret departure.

When we enter the woods, we both creep silently up the the camera alarm, Jack covers it with his hat and runs past it pulling me with him, we stumble through the woods as fast as we can, ducking branches and dodging obstacles. Then we stop, the alarm is blaring loudly. Jack starts running again, and I feel like a rag being yanked along behind him.

Dogs are barking in the distance and my heart is beating so hard I feel like it’s going to burst, Jack stops and looks back, his eyes bright from the long run. I run my fingers through my hair and pull it back in a knot,

“Think they’re still following?”

“yeah…they will till we get across the border.” He drops down on his knees and breathes deeply, he gets up an turns to me, “gotta keep goin’,”

“well…can we rest a bit?”


“okay…which way?”

“any way…just away…we can worry about direction when we get out of gun range.”

“gun range?”

“yeah…lets go.” Jack quickly changed the subject, but my mind lingered on it. Gun range? What did he mean by that? Would they really shoot us?

Soon we resumed stumbling through the forest, Jack checking behind us every once in a while.

A heavy fog fell and I could feel the mist settling gently on my face, I couldn’t help but notice the beauty of it, like Jack and I were the only ones on earth. I was forced back into reality when I ran straight into Jack’s back,

“Mmmpphh…what’s going on?”


Jack crouched down and gestured for me to do the same, I looked around, nothing moved.

“jack?” He didn’t answer, “Jack?” I could no longer see him due to the heavy fog, I reached out and felt his jacket, “Jack.”

“Be quiet!” He whispered angrily, I shut my mouth and held on to his Jacket, he moved forward on his hands and knees, I followed close behind.

What was happening?

Jack breathes deeply and squeezes my hand reassuringly, he shifts his weight and puts his finger to his lips, apparently I need to remain quiet, he smiles and points into the mist. I can barely make out about five shadowy figures moving through a patch of bushes, I hear a loud snort, and gasp, I can hardly believe my eyes. Just about three yards away from me is a small group of Mildeer*(A large Elk-like fantasy creature with long shaggy fur resembling that of a wild sheep…and covered with a thick layer of moss. Pronounced Mile-deer.), one of the most rare creatures on earth, I poke Jack and he laughs softly, the leading male looks up, startled by the slightest sound, he bellows warningly and dashes away, his females and kids scatter. I gasp.

“Jack! That was amazing!” I look around, I feel so awed. Jack looks at me and laughs out loud, within seconds, joy turns to chaos, a shot echoes through the forest. Jack’s face turns white and he gasps, he straightens himself.

“lets get out of here!”He chokes, I look at him, puzzled. “com’on!” I run as fast as my legs can carry me, Jack at my heels.

I look ahead into the mist, I see it, I can hardly trust my eyes, but it seems real enough, a barbwire fence stretching for as far as the eye can see in both directions, I look behind me for Jack, but he is nowhere to be seen, I feel myself shaking all over, “J-Jack?” no answer. I turned and looked frantically behind me.

It’s late and the frogs are croaking when I happen upon Jack, laying on his back, barely breathing. I shake him and try wake him up but he just groans. I sit back and look up at the sky, but the sky has nothing to tell. I look at Jack and then I see the problem, he has been shot in his left arm and is bleeding heavily. I pull his sleeve away and try to estimate the damage, it looks bad, and that’s just about all I can say, I have never had to deal with anything like this before. Trying hard not to make the problem worse, I drag Jack to a small clearing where there is more light, and I just sit there and look at it, not knowing what to do with what.

I lay my head down on a mossy log and stare up at the sky, Jack smiles at me and flexes his arm, “you are the best at everything Adri! Thanks for…” I snap awake, and look around, a small moving bundle of fur and twigs is muttering and hovering over Jack,

“Keep away!” I scream and throw myself at it,

“Slow down child…Jack is seriously wounded.” I see a glimmer and when my eyes grow accustomed to the dim evening light I see the face of an ancient old woman which is wrinkled and creased beyond belief, she laughs and pushes me down hard,

“h-how do you know his name?” I ask immediately suspicious,

“Oh, child…you told me…when you called for my help.

I look at her blankly, “call for your help?” she shakes her head sadly she stands and straightens herself, “you did…though how you came to be here on this side with this boy is unknown to me…he bares the mark of the universion…and you…well you only have half the mark…it is so very faded that it took me a while to place you…ah, then it dawned on me…you must be young Aprils child…” she brakes off and snifs, I take the opportunity to speak,

“w-what are you talking about? Half mark? April….”

“child, child, shush, shush, you are to hurried…I will explain it all in good time…….yes in good time.
Confusion floods my head. Was this woman serious? I tryed to pull myself together, agonizing pain fills my head, i groan and remember how long I have been without sleep, I feel myself slipping helplessly into slumber.
A loud alarming sound forces my eyes open, there it is again. What is it? I am suddenly fully awake. Jack. Where is he? I look around, wait. Where am I? My memory gradually comes back to me, I wonder how long I slept. That sound again, it is not an alarming sound…it is a grind stone running! I pull the pieces together, and I remember. The old woman! I look at the clean straw surrounding me and lay back down.
“Have you rested?” A voice calls from nearby. I jump.
“yes.” I reply sleepily,
“good then come down.” The voice snaps. I pull myself up and stretch out.
The ladder is steep and makes my head start spinning, I fumble with the rungs. After a bit, my feet reach solid ground, I turn to face the woman, her hair looks undne and her face looks cranky.
“Well you took your good old time getting up!” she snaps and shoves an old pale into my hands, “you know how to milk a cow?” I shake my head “didn’t think so.” she snatches the pale back. “know how to eat?” she asks sarcasticly, I nod and she pushes me towards a small three legged stool, “eat then…I’ll do the milking!” she hobbles off muttering to herself.
I turn around the room. Where is jack? I remember the loft and climb bck up the shaky ladder, no Jack. I feel myself beginning to panic. I desend the ladder and look around again, there is Jack, laying on a large cot in the corner, I wonder why I didn’t notice before, he is breathing steadily, I breath a deep sigh of relief.
The door bangs openand the old woman marches in,her face bright and cheery, I am puzzled that her mood could change so quickly. “three gallons o’ milk this mornin’!” she puts a second pale on the table, both are overflowing with milk, she turns to me, “Adri? right?” I pull away slightly,
“Why?” I am suspitious,
“because I have given you food, clothing, and a bed for the night!” she replies rather sharply, I blush, remembering my manners,
“I’m sorry, yes, it’s Adrianna.” I hesitate, “you?” She smiles warmly,
“Amelia…and you look just like your mother!” She turns back to the milk, leaving me even more mystified then before…who was April? Whatever, did it matter what this crazy old lady said?

“No, sit down.” Amelia hurries over to Jack and pushes him backdown on the bed. It has been four days since we first came here and I still am clueless about who April is. Jack is almost better, and is tired of sitting,
“I need to move!” He yells,
“who is the boss here? ME!” Amelia storms. “Sure go! Run around have fun, but dont come crying back to me when you are in pain!” she throws her hands up in despair.
“Jack, sit down.” I plead, “just a few more days!” He looks at me, and I can see the stubourness in his eyes, he doesn’t want to back down to an old lady, of course it would probably put his manliness in question, I give him an equily stubour look and he grins sheepishly. He bows to Amelia,
“My apologies.” he sits back down. Amelia is not amused. I glare at Jack.
“I’m going to bed.” I yawn and start up the ladder into the loft,
“ok…goodnight Adri!” Jack calls, and I feel anger building up towards him…after all this woman has done for us, all he does is argue, she’s the one who knows what she’s doing, he is a nobody, a person that has no right to even cross the boarder, I stick my head out the small loft window and try to cool my wrath, but upon doing so I only distract myself, a group of lights are bobbing along in the forest, how strange. Realization strikes and I bang my head on the window frame. How did I think we were safe here! I fly down the ladder and rush to wake Jack up, but it’s to late, tthe door opens and I hear deep gruff voices speaking with Amelia,
“Oh…hi…I’ve been expecting you guys to come for a while!” I hear Amelia exclaim,
“Oh, we have been delayed with a few things, we just need to take a look around your house.” The gruff voices continue.
They found us, I feel my heart speeding up, I want to scream.
“come right in,” Amelia calls, and I hear scraping and sniffing, the dogs…how could I forget the dogs, I grab Jacks hand in desperation, maybe we can escape somehow. I hear them coming towards the door and my strength leaves me,
“hoho, you didn’t tell me you had visitors Amelia!” a jolly face appears at the dooway,
“Oh,yes I forgot to tell you, it’s Aprils girl!” Amelia explains, why is she telling them?
“Ah should have guessed…”the jolly face laughs, “she looks just like our April…with a little bit of her evil father in her!” the mans jolly face darkens,
“we mustn’t speak of that Charles!”Amelia looks alarmed as she enters the room, “here’s some cake.” Amelia shakes her head as she returns to the kitchen,
“ah yes, we mustn”t speak of et!” He growls “but how is the lass to know…” he trails off as he glances at Amelia, “you ever hear aboot how ah killed a grizzly with me bare hands?” He says with a forced smile, but his eyes are still burning with fury an hatred, so much so it alarms me to look into them. I add their converstion to the list of things I need to know about.

Well, Their it it! I love it! what about you?

Leave your thought in the comments… please note that as our budding author writes more she may change this a little but as well… But a big thank you to Abbey for being brave enough to share your story with the world!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

What Ive Been Doing…

Hi, hi everybody!

Please do not kill me! I know, its been a long, long time… and you have most likely planned a funeral… but I ask you to stop what you are doing because I am back!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Well, I decided I would tell you what I have been doing.

For starters, as you know my mom is pregnant with a healthy baby boy.

She is twenty-eight  (out of forty) weeks along.

I cannot wait to see the baby!

Well, I decided to take it upon myself to crochet and knit ( a new skill) a blanket, hat and even maybe a sweater!

I’ve also made a “bucket list”, which I am having fun completing. Wish 2 see my bucket list? I will put it here!

Here it is!

  • Save a baby from abortion.
  • Perform in front of lots of people!
  •  Hike mt katahdin
  • Catch a big fish.
  • Swim in a river/pond.
  • learn another language!
  • Make money off Etsy, then give it to people!
  • Visit Hawaii and go swimming…
  • Walk around “Times square”
  • Trek the inca trail!
  • Publish my book. ( a secret)
  • Throw a mega party of the likes I have never seen!
  • Canoe the nfct
  • ………. S- sk- SKYDIVING!

Crazy stuff right?

Ill make another post soon! Bye bye!